… to begin with, i never really loved podcasts culture and didn’t listen to them much, except maybe some of Resident Advisor podcasts.


But one day last summer, just an idea changed my mind. I realized that podcasts are worth recording, because it’s probably the only way to introduce your friends with your latest musical discoveries.


Social networks and huge musical portions like DVD-R’s no longer helped.


Besides, it’s convenient to yourself – you can listen to tracks you’ve selected and you’ve mixed the way you liked to – instead of browsing your player searching for the best songs.


So, almost every track in these podcasts is my favourite track and have been listened plenty of times, sometimes on repeat. I guess something made them so non-annoying.


Not so much of new music and trendy music – just good tunes of all kinds.


Wipecast is polystylistic !! And it’s not for analysing progressive tendences or something.


It just has its own mood, sometimes melancholy, sometimes more optimistic.


So, take a look on it – wipecast series with strictly good music !!


P.S. Of course, I never could do this without my brilliant partner Mr Korg – the whole idea of the site and all the design are totally his. Besides, he helps me with special issuies – because wipecast series isn’t everything in our project. We are two, and we are the podcasters !



greenartist, 2010