Wipecast #24 – some songs are bigger than others

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Wipecast series and Different Beatz society on air again !


We present our latest journey in music – wipecast #24, recorded 10-11.01.2015. Its title is inspired by The Smiths’ hit “Song Girls Are Bigger Than Others”. And really, here you can find unforgettable tunes, mellow moods and interesting cover songs. We hope these songs are bigger than others !


published 21.01.2015


Next wipecast from Ereec coming soon ! We all hold on !


Besides, Different Beatz society is celebrating its third birthday ! Now almost 2800 different music lovers follow us. What about you ?


selected, mixed and posted by greenartist

wipecast logo by Alexandre Rojkov


Снова в эфире !

Серия подкастов Wipecast и сообщество Different Beatz презентуют новое музыкальное путешествие №24, записанное в ночь с 10 на 11.01.2015

Опубликовано 21.01.2015

Ожидаем следующий вайпкаст от Эрика ! Он якобы уже на подходе. А также поздравляем наш паблик Different Beatz с третьей годовщиной ! У нас уже почти 2800 подписчиков-меломанов. Ты - среди них ?

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