Wipecast #22 – dreams are made of this

Eng / Ru

selected and recorded by greenartist

published 15.02.2014


First in 2014, first since october, and certainly long-awaited wipecast is finally ready ! It contains a certian dose of dreampop ’cause it still remains my favourite music. Besides, you can hear soul, dub, indie pop and some interesting japanese stuff. As long as we’ve been all waiting for spring to come, i’ve put together all the sunny, euphoric tunes to make a listener more encouraged – and simply happier.


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wipecast logo by Alexandre Rojkov


Доброго времени суток, друзья-меломаны !

Не за горами весна и, дабы подбодрить вас (и себя), я свёл воедино солнечную и эйфоричную музыку в новом вайпкасте. Он не только первый в 2014 году, он первый с октября прошлого года. У меня было время подготовиться, и я выбрал любимые вещи в стиле дримпоп и не только - здесь вы найдёте соул, даб и инди-поп (куда же мне без всего этого)

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Автор логотипа - Александр Рожков

Wipecast #2

Some autumn rendez-vous … Some cool stuff …
Interesting beats, nice moods, melodramatic songs, indie, jazzy and balearic – second volume of wipecasts series is less chaotic than its prescedant. Except main moods – really good material from Sideshow aka Fink (you might know him as a Ninja Tune artist), mista Lars Bartkuhn (Sonar Kollektiv) with his jazz-neoclassics, Milosh and Boozoo Bajou from !K7, dub interpretation of a classic Pink Floyd’s tune, another old song by The Velvet Underground (1967), their legators such as Ride and Slowdive and even experimental hip-hop from FaltyDL and Kelpe.
Hard not to be unimpressed 😉